"When I had my first son, I received a silver Name Bangle with his name as a gift from a colleague. Admittedly, my initial reaction went something like: “Oh, what a pretty bracelet!” To which my friend replied, “It actually says your son’s name in Morse code.” And then my jaw just about hit the floor. What a unique and beautiful gift! Well made too. Though I never was one to wear bracelets before, I have never taken this one off since I received it (more than 2 years!) and it looks just as good as it did on the day I received it. I love how delicate and light it is because I don’t even notice I have it on, yet it’s also such a statement piece and one I am constantly telling other people about. (Everyone’s response: "Oh my gosh, that is SO cool! Where do I get one?”) I loved it so much that I went on to buy bracelets as gifts for my mother-in-law (hers says Grammy), my best friend (with her newborn son’s name), and my niece (for her sweet 16). This is truly the type of gift that works for anyone special in your life no matter the age or taste. It’s simple enough that it goes with everything but still gorgeous and certainly one-of-a-kind. And as if that weren’t enough…the owner is lovely to work with: kind, responsive, thoughtful, and professional. And these days, good service and kind people go a long way too!"
~Michelle M. (New Jersey)


     "It just arrived and I LOVE it!!!  Thank you so much!"

     -Chevy Chase, MD


     "Perfect! I just ordered it!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your necklaces!"

     -Sherwood, OR


     "I just received the new necklace in the mail. I did not expect you to replace it            completely!  That package just made my day. Thank you so much! I have always      received lots of compliments on my necklace and I will be sure to refer everyone      to you. Thank you!!"

    -New York, NY



    "Fantastic!! Thank you so much! 
     And as an aside, I've told many friends and family members about your jewelry       and they are in love and have purchased many special pieces!! We love what you     are doing and wanted to let you know!"

    -Boston, MA


     "My girlfriend loves this bracelet.  She rarely takes it off."

     "You're the best Rebecca thank you very much"

     -Brielle, NJ


     "Hi! I just wanted to send a quick message to let you how pleased I am with my        purchase. I bought 6 necklaces for myself, my 4 sisters and mom for christmas,        and it brought everyone to tears. We have already received so many                          compliments on them. I have been eyeing your jewelry for years now and I am so      happy that I finally purchased them. Thank you for your beautiful design and              quick delivery!

     -Ambler, PA


     "Thanks so much.  My order has been placed :).  I received one of your necklaces      as a gift and have always loved it.  

     -New York, NY


     "The necklace is for my brother's fiance and I know it will be a huge hit so I am          thrilled to be able to have it for the holidays.

     -Austin, TX


     "I wanted to formally thank you for your morse code bracelets--they are                     absolutely stunning; perfect balance between delicate and statement. Put them      on, and they immediately felt like they belong on my wrist (and that's where              they'll stay)... kicking myself for not ordering sooner!  I truly appreciate that you        were able to make them in 14k. Just exquisite.

     -San Leandro, CA


     "I just wanted to let you know I got my new COATT bracelet and love it. Thanks          again for the repair! I recommend your stuff all the time. I love it and it makes            great gifts!"

     -San Francisco, CA


     "I received the bracelet this week and am so in love with it! Thank you for being        so gracious and kind during this whole process!"

     -Long Grove, IL



  • "COATT makes beautiful, high-quality jewelry.  In addition to being the original designer to create morse-coded jewelry, they're also the jeweler that truly cares about its customers.  Recently my beloved COATT bracelet broke and Rebecca was able to help me immediately replace it.  In an increasingly dog-eat-dog world where I'm constantly surrounded by salespeople who care about the sale more than anything else, I increasingly turn to COATT as a brand backed by people that I trust.
  • What makes COATT's beautiful jewelry stand out goes behind its high-quality, its customization, and its thoughtful design.  COATT is the jeweler that I trust and therefore the jeweler that I turn to for my most sentimental purchases.
  • When my sister moved cross country we searched for months for a symbolic way to remind each other of our bond.  After vetoing my sister's suggestion of matching tattoos, I suggested matching jewelry.  Though our jewelry tastes are polar opposites, we loved the idea behind COATT.  Rebecca immediately made us custom bracelets that we still cherish and wear every day."
  • -Orangeburg, NY

     "We celebrated our Christmas this morning and my daughter gave me the                  bracelet she had you make for me.  I now have this beautiful reminder of ..."

     -Lake Geneva, WI


     "I wanted to let you know that I received the necklaces today and they are                gorgeous!!! Even the packaging is perfect. Thank you so much! I know my                  bridesmaids will love them and wear them again and again.

     -Austin, TX


     "The necklaces arrived today. Thank you so much, I love them!!"

     -Hoboken, NJ


     "You're bracelets are wonderful, by the way. I really do love both the concept            and the final product."

     -Los Angeles, CA


     "My team LOVED the bracelets.  Seriously.  They were the hit of our holiday party      last night, and all over everyone's fb pages (see attached).  Thanks again :)"

     -New York, NY


     "Thank you so much. It's beautiful."

     -Arlington, VA


     "OH, THANK YOU. You are so sweet and swift."

     -San Francisco, CA


     "Thank you! My Mom will go ape shit over this bracelet (I hope/bet)"

     -Cleveland, OH


     "Thanks for the speedy turnaround; I'm sure it's gorgeous."

     -Sunderland, MA


     "Thank you so much- the necklace is absolutely beautiful and was the perfect          gift! Definitely will be ordering more sometime soon!"

     -Boulder, CO


     "Thank you so much Rebecca it's lovely :)"

     -Brooklyn, NY


     "Thanks so much for my mom bracelet. I love dainty jewelry that means                      something.  I think I need more."


     "Wow that’s fast.  Thanks so much!!"

     -Bedford, NY


     "Thank you for your quick response!  I'm sure this will mean a great deal to her.          Your jewelry is wonderful."

     -Toronto, Canada


     "Thanks Rebecca! She got the gift and loved it! "

     -Brooklyn, NY


     "I have a silk 'love' necklace of yours and it's my most prized possession.  I                definitely have your goodies on my list for the holidays. As I mentioned before,          people are constantly complimenting mine. I'm always surprised because it's so      subtle, I feel like it's kind of secret, but people always rave about it."

     -San Francisco, CA


     "Thank you! This is such a unique and personal commemoration of this delightful      new little person! .... And my daughter-in-law is delighted with it!"

     -Deer Park, IL


     "Thanks so much for your generosity. You have a very loyal customer (and                  Christmas is coming  up:)"


     "The necklaces are gorgeous! I am so excited to give them to my bridesmaids!"

     -Austin, TX


     "I just wanted to let you know that I received the bracelets and necklace in the           mail, and i LOVE them!  I hope my bridal party loves them as much as I do :)               Thank you so very, very much!" 

     -Hollywood, FL


     "Bought a bunch. Have been lovingly giving them as gifts. Most recently ordered      one for a friends 40th and one for my daughters 13.  I only tell you all this                  because I love them so much. I'm hoping for some bracelets next."

     -Weston, CT


     "Just got my necklace in the mail. It's perfect. Thank you so much!"

     -Brooklyn, NY


     "Thanks so much for the repair of my peace bracelet. excellent product and              customer service!"

     -New York, NY


     "I just wanted to say thank you for making such a beautiful necklace, the design        and attention to detail is stunning  I will really enjoy wearing it  again thank you        very much"



     "They're so cute! Perfect gifts!"

     -Glendale, CA


     "Got them and they are beautiful! Ordering more!"

     -Mill Valley, CA


     "My sister & I gifted our mom a morse coded bracelet with "xo" as its secret                 message & she absolutely adores it. It is perfectly made, with such attention to         detail. As a Cup of Jo reader, thank you for offering us a coupon code - it means      so much to us that we were able to get our mom such a fantastic gift."

     -Wexford, PA


     "Hi!  Thank you so much for your kind upgrade!  That was very generous of you!  I      will definitely be back to purchase some additional gifts"

     -Baltimore, MD


     "I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful jewelry you make and for          sending it so quickly. My mother in law called me sobbing today when she                opened her necklace.  She was so touched and happy and felt so loved and              that's really what the holidays are all about. I can't wait to give the other                    necklace to my own mother."


    "I just wanted to say thank you! The bracelets arrived in time for our birthday, and     are so beautiful that neither my twin nor I have taken them off since."

    -Munich, Germany


     "Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order.  I understand that you      upgraded the delivery method so that it would arrive on time, I thank you for that      also.  I will not hesitate to do business with you again, and I will recommend you      to everyone I know."

    -Stony Brook, NY


     "I received the necklace today and it is stunning, unique, precious and tenderly        meaningful.  I am so glad I found out about you.  I've shared your information            with some of my friends."

     -Houston, TX


     "We are huge fans of your work"

     -Brooklyn, NY


     "Love your jewelry!"

     -Santa Monica, CA


     "I just received the bracelet, it's so lovely! Thank you for your talents!

      I can't wait to send it to my friend as a new baby gift.  Shouda gotten

     one of my own (i'll have to pass some heavy hints to my husband ;)"

     -Austin, TX


     "Just wanted to let you know that I received the bracelets
     yesterday. They are absolutely perfect! Thank you so so so much for
     your help!"



     "I love your jewelry. So funky.  I had my boyfriend buy me my name for                    christmas      last year and all of my friends and family loved it.The one I just          ordered was for        my sister who has been bugging me forever for one.                Anyways- great idea they        are beautiful.

     -Amherst, MA


     "I told her to switch to your bracelets- this is so beyond what normally happens        it is amazing!  Thank you, wholeheartedly!"

     -Buffalo, NY


     "I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!!"

     -New York, NY


     "Just wanted to say thank – I got the necklaces in time for my New York trip. All        of the girls loved them and were literally talking about them the WHOLE                    weekend.

     -San Francisco


     "I wanted to let you know that my co-worker loved her gifted "Friend" necklace.        So happy about that, thank you!"

     -Santa Monica, CA


     "I gave the necklace to my niece on Sunday and she loved loved loved it.                  Thanks so much.  It's such a cool idea for jewelry!"

     -Philadelphia, PA


     "FYI - I received the necklace on Friday, and she loves it!  Thank you!"

     -Brea, CA


     "I've just received a bracelet I ordered and it's more even more delicate and              charming than I expected. I love it and the entire concept of this jewelry."

     -Portland, OR


     "the necklaces are beautiful my mom also loves hers too!"

     -Irvine, CA


     "It is so delicate and pretty! I know I will get many compliments on it and it will           be a great conversation piece."

     -New York, NY


     "I am so excited ! I want to show everyone your work its amazing. ... I know so            many girls who would love this !"

     -New York, NY


     "Wonderful! Thank you for being so speedy!"

     -Dallas, TX


     "The necklace arrived, and is wonderful!!!"

     -Stanford, CA


     "They have arrived and they are beautiful. Thank you SO much!"

     -Chevy Chase, MD


     "BTW my daughter LOVES her bracelet.!"

     Philadelphia, PA


     Thank you and I do want you to know you are my go-to-gift now and I will              definitely be ordering more.  Your company is great and everyone I've given a        gift to says they get so many compliments.  Thank you again!

     Northridge, CA


     "I have several friends over the years who have seen my bracelets and loved          them and then purchased for themselves and family. I'm sure that will                      continue to happen"

      Chicago, IL


     "I do want you to know you are my go-to-gift now and I will definitely be                   ordering more.  Your company is great and everyone I've given a gift to says           they get so many compliments."

      Northridge, CA


     "A heartfelt thank you!"

     Traverse City, MI


    "Thank you very much again for your assistance. My wife ordered one of your          bracelets for her mother as well. Best of luck for your continued success."

     Madison, NJ


     "You sure do “run a tight ship." My necklace arrived today. 

      Thank you for your prompt service and communication!"

      Sunderland, MA