Name on Silk bracelets and necklaces

Name on Silk bracelets and necklaces

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YOUR NAME HERE dot dot dash dash
modern and feminine morse coded bracelet or necklace in your name or the name of your darling. Sleek and slender dots and dashes on a silk cord with a 5mm clasp.

The lengths of our bracelets are 6.5” and our necklaces are 18”. If you would like a different length please let us know in the pop up screen that follows your selection. Any length at all- shorter or longer. Please email Rebecca at if you need any help choosing a length.

In the drop down menus,

—Choose the kind of metal you would like.

—Choose bracelet or necklace

—and Choose the color of silk

Once you add your personalized piece of jewelry to the cart, a pop up screen will request your custom name or word to be coded on your bracelet or necklace before purchasing.

At the same time, you can add a custom length after the name, in inches, that you prefer to the default sizing. For example : Rebecca 24 (this is a 24 inch Rebecca necklace)

If you need more than one name on a single piece of jewelry or numbers for a special date, please order on the Phrase on Silk page as these will have a much longer code. Please feel free to email if you are wondering if the code you want is too long to fit on a bracelet. Most phrases and all dates will fit on a Phrase necklace.

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